How it works

With Caterly you can improve the service of your business and reduce the costs. We want you to have the best experience possible so we will continuously improve the application. We are also happy to receive ideas to improve the service by email to
The Caterly service consists of two parts. The Customer App and the Manager Dashboard. The Customer App is meant to be used by your customers. This is the app where they can see your menu and order the meals. Whereas the Manager Dashboard is for you to see and manage your menu’s and orders.
The app is easy to use and this guide should be enough for you to use the application. Feel free to contact us if things are not clear.

Manager Dashboard

When you decide to use Caterly we will create the requested account and locations. We have two different manager roles. The Company manager and the Location Manager. Next to that we also have a Employee role. It is not needed to have al of these roles escpecially if you are a small company. The Company Manager can manage all locations within that company. The Location Manager can only manage his location. If you have only one location then we create one account with the Company Manager user role.
When you login as a manager you see the following dashboard.

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The Manager Dashboard has 5 tabs.

1. Orders - Here you see a list of orders from you customersl

2. Completed Orders - Here you can see the completed orders. This means the orders that are both paid and served.

3. Uncompleted orders - Here you see the orders that are not send because the customer did not finish or click on the order button.

4. Chat - Here you see the receive and send messages to customers.


All the order pages have the same layout. On the left side you see an overview of orders with an ID, date and time of creation and icons. The Ready icon let you mark an order as Ready. When you click on it a message is send to the customer. The served icon shows when an order is completely served and the paid icon when an order is competely paid. There is also x icon to delete the order.

If you select an order you see on the right side a list of menu items that belong to that order. Here you can see the item name, price and amount etc.

On top of the list of menu-items you have action buttons.

1. Delete - Deletes a single item.

2. Delete complete order - Deletes all items of an order.

3. Details - Shows the details of a menu-item

4. All items served - Changes the label of all items of the order to served. Then the served icon will appear on the order.

5. All items paid- Changes the label of all items of the order to served. Then the paid icon will appear on the order.

When you click on the menu-item detail screen a page pops up with the details of the ordered item. (see the image below).

The you can mark the item as served or as paid. As a manager you are also able to change the price, discount and amount. The total price will then be recalculated automatically.

Order detail

On the Order detail pop up you can mark an ordered menu-item seperately. Also you can change the amount or ad a discount.

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Closed and unfinished orders

Next to the open orders there is a list of closed and unfinished orders. The closed orders are the orders that are completely served and paid. The unfinished orders are the orders that are being created by the customer but not send yet or orders that have never been finished.


Below you see an image of the Menu screen. A menu can have multiple categories and a category can have multiple menu items.

As a manager you can create multiple menu's but only one can be active. The active menu is the menu that will be shown to the customers. To activate a menu you can click on the switch on the menu item.

After you created a menu and have it selected you can create the categories for that menu.

When the categories are created you can create the menu items for that category. So after selecting the category click on the 'Add menu-item button' and a detail page of the menu-item pops up. Click on the second image of the dia below.

Here you can create the menu-item. Fill in the details like, name, price and small and long description. If you wnat your customers to see an image of the item you can add it here via the 'Add image' button.

It is also possible to add Extra's and Suggestions. this can be done in the menu item detail screen. Create a new Extra's and fill in the description and than the price. For suggestions you only have to select one of the menu-items that you created before.

Also you can check the diet labels that you want to show on the menu-item card. And lastly you can also decide to not show a menu-item to the customer if change setting 'Show item'.

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On the settings page you have three tabs. General settings, Style settings and Chat settings.

On the General setting right now you see only information. Namely the Urls for tablet and mobile. Both have a different page layout when opening the Url. With these Urls you can create QR codes for customers to open.

Under the Style settings tab you can change the user interface of the client app. At this moment it is possible to change the background color, text color, card color and the font family. Also you can add the logo if you have a Company manager account. In the video below you see the screen for the Company manager. However a company manager can adjust more settings. More features will be added in the future dependent on the wishes of users. If you have a wish please send us an email to

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Next to changing colors and font family, you can also decide to not show the product images by turning the switch off.

There are also some textfields you can fill. When your customer opens the Customer app he sees a screen with a textfield where he can add a name or table number. It can also be something else, because it is a free textfield. With the field on this settings page you determine what text or question to show to the customer. For example, 'Enter you table number here' or 'What is your name'.

The same counts for the other textfields on this settings page. You can decide what your customers see when the order is send and what text they see when the order is ready.

Under the Chat settings you can use the switch to enable or disable the chat functionality.

Part of the chat functionality are the FAQ's. On this page you can create a list of frequently asked questions. These will be show to the customer. And work as a filter for the chat. So customers can find answers of general questions in the FAQ list and more specific questions in the chat.

Customer App

The Caterly Client app is a webpage for mobile and tablets. So your customers do not need to download the app but can open it direcly in their browser. To open the Url they can scan the QR code that you made available.

The steps to order are made very obvious. First the customer needs fill in a unique name/table, then choose a category, then choose a menu-items and lastly click on the Order-button on the Order page. The list of menu-items shows alle the menu-items of the selected category, including title, description and diet label. The image of a menu-item is also shown by default. If you do not want to show the menu item you can allways configure that in the Manager dashboard.

As described before you can style the Customer app the way you like it. See the example video below of a pizzaria and coffee place.